APIs built for Professionals

Whether you’re a finance professional, a regulator or a journalist, ChainArgos delivers the standard of blockchain data in the format that professionals are familiar with.

Real-Time Data Feed

The blockchain doesn’t sleep, so why should your data? For the most time-sensitive decisions and investigations, ChainArgos offers real-time data feeds that are easy to integrate with your existing platform.

Data described below is available in real-time delivered fresh via API. If there’s a data point that you want but don’t see listed below, get in touch with us and we’ll build it for you!

  • Track token mints/burns for quantiles and other “signature” patterns providing immediately actionable signals

  • Real-time tracking of most active or tagged wallets

  • Real-time monitoring of wallet balances

  • Monitor locked token wallet addresses that don’t add to free-float and alert for sudden movements

  • Tracking of correlating flows across tokens and blockchains with automatic alerting

  • Track and trace intermediation across blockchains (e.g. FTX and Alameda Research bridging USDT on Tron, Binance and Cumberland USDT on Ethereum)

  • Monitoring of real-world entity aggregate balances

  • Decentralized exchange price feeds, collateralization ratios and

Comprehensive Historical Blockchain Data Instantly

Because ChainArgos runs its own nodes, our APIs are able to deliver the blockchain state as it is, providing you with up-to-the-second information on the metrics that matter most to you. See a data point that you want that’s not listed? Contact us and we can procure it for you.

  • Track token mints/burns for quantiles and other “signature” patterns using custom search parameters

  • Track most active wallets historically over a wide range of timeframes

  • Track historical tagged wallet balances based on snapshot or timeframe-specific windows

  • Research back-to-back wallets to detect circular or “wash” trading and sieve out fake volumes as it happens

  • Classify minting, burning and market cap by blockchain using real-time metrics

  • Monitor locked tokens that don’t add to free-float and chart historical patterns

  • Track correlating flows across multiple tokens, blockchains and timeframes (e.g. HUSD market cap that does not travel but burns correlate with USDT minting)

  • Search and explore token intermediation across blockchains based on any given timeframe (e.g. FTX and Alameda Research was bridging USDT on Tron, Binance and Cumberland USDT on Ethereum)

  • Profile real-world entity historical aggregate balances through wallet tagging over any given timeframe

  • Map shortest path between two entities for any given data range

  • Determine proximate wallet interactions (1-step, 2-steps up to nth-steps)

  • Track and measure token movements within an ecosystem or externally (e.g. are all DAI used within 1 or 2 wallets of issuance or are they circulated in the wider cryptocurrency ecosystem?)

Data Types Available via API

Because ChainArgos runs its own proprietary blockchain validator nodes, it can directly access, analyze and deliver a wide variety of blockchain data.

Speak with us to build your own custom data plan and analysis package. CSV files can be delivered in the format and frequency according to what you need.

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