Custom Blockchain Analysis Tailored to Your Needs

The blockchain data is there, but you may not need all of it. Zoom in on the data that matters to you.

Every custom report starts with the end in mind – what is the outcome you ultimately seek? From there, we work backwards to determine the process of analysis to ensure that our reports meet the deliverables that you have set.

We don’t just analyze the blockchain, we perform analysis. Oftentimes the entities that you’re analyzing have offline presences or need to submit regulatory filings. We’ll connect the dots for you, lining up on-chain behavior with off-chain declarations, attestations and publicly available statements.

Although the blockchain is consistent, actors in the space tend not to be – we help you see where that happens.

Your time is precious and we know you can’t be piling through reams of analysis that isn’t important for your outcomes. Because we start with the end in mind, we know exactly what you need and how much of it, delivering concise and consumable reports, custom fitted for your purpose.

What kind of Custom Report can I get?

Because ChainArgos runs its own proprietary blockchain validator nodes, it can directly access, analyze and deliver a wide variety of blockchain data. When it comes to Custom Reports, the sky is the limit and there’s nothing our team loves more than sinking its teeth into a challenging investigation.

Speak to us and find out what we can do for you.

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