Comprehensive Historical Blockchain Data Delivered Daily

ChainArgos doesn’t just process blockchain data, we turn it into actionable and accessible signals that are easy to interpret and understand.

  • Track daily token mints/burns for quantiles and other “signature” patterns that provide actionable signals
  • Track most active wallets over a wide range of timeframes
  • Track historical tagged wallet balances produced in a single, easy-to-read spreadsheet
  • Tag back-to-back wallets to detect circular or “wash” trading to sieve out fake volumes
  • Classify minting, burning and market cap by blockchain (e.g. detect qualitative differences between USDT on Tron vs Ethereum)
  • Monitor locked tokens that don’t add to free-float
  • Track correlating flows across tokens (e.g. HUSD market cap that does not travel but burns correlate with USDT minting)
  • Qualitative pricing signals (e.g. USDT on Ethereum mints impact price of Bitcoin, but USDT on Tron has no effect)
  • Behavioral analysis (e.g. USDP burn patterns change dramatically when the relationship with Huobi ended)
  • Track intermediation across blockchains (e.g. FTX and Alameda Research was bridging USDT on Tron, Binance and Cumberland USDT on Ethereum)
  • Profile real-world entity aggregate balances through wallet tagging
  • Map shortest path between two entities for given data range
  • Determine proximate wallet interactions (1-step, 2-steps up to nth-steps)
  • Track and measure token movements within an ecosystem or externally (e.g. are all DAI used within 1 or 2 wallets of issuance or are they circulated in the wider cryptocurrency ecosystem?)

Data Types Available in CSV Format

Because ChainArgos runs its own proprietary blockchain validator nodes, it can directly access, analyze and deliver a wide variety of blockchain data.

Speak with us to build your own custom data plan and analysis package. CSV files can be delivered in the format and frequency according to what you need.

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