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Transparency ≠ Accountability

ChainArgos makes meaningful sense of blockchain data using powerful analytics and employing graph theory to deliver the data that matters.

As helpful as it is to tag blockchain wallet addresses, the real value in blockchain data is understanding the complex correlations and interplay between addresses to generate a clear picture of the environment, the actors, the intention and their effect in the market.

Understanding who transferred what, where and when and to whom, is only the start of the journey. Using relational databases and graph theory, ChainArgos processes blockchain transaction data and represents it in a way that can be analyzed intuitively and applied practically.

Discovering what happened on-chain only tells half the story. ChainArgos relates what happens on-chain and ties that to events in the real world, for real insights. From regulatory filings to public disclosures, social media to news reports, on-chain data paints only half the picture, ChainArgos finishes the portrait.

Blockchain Visualized

Data is only valuable if understood. ChainArgos provides powerful visualization tools for incredible insights into on-chain behavior.

Track correlating flows across tokens from stablecoins to industry-proximate tokens and determine why some stablecoin mints affect price action and others do not.

Track across multiple timeframes the most active wallet addresses and historical wallet balances in a single, easy-to-read spreadsheet and detect back-to-back wallets that generate fake volume.

Detect the qualitative difference in the same token being minted across different blockchains and monitor locked tokens that don’t add to free float.

DeFi Datastream

Exchanges may be decentralized, but your datastream shouldn’t be. ChainArgos delivers the live and historical DEX data directly from the blockchain through our proprietary full node instances.

Just because the exchange is decentralized doesn’t mean that the price feed needs to be. Traders need accurate and up-to-date price data, even if it comes from decentralized exchanges, ChainArgos delivers.

Receive the stats that matter. Whether you’re a seasoned DeFi trader or researching a DEX token, ChainArgos delivers all of the statistics that help make informed decisions, from most active wallet addresses to pool and liquidity balances.

Detect trouble before it unfolds. Timely information is everything in the cryptocurrency space. ChainArgos provides traders and investors the tools to monitor  collateralization ratios to detect liquidity issues well before they become a market issue.


Although the blockchain serves as a single source of truth, interpreting the data can be daunting. ChainArgos has designed a suite of industry-specific tools, to ensure that stakeholders get the information they need, when they need it most, with their specific requirements in mind.




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